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Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Ending....Hug a Child Today

Hi Friends,
I got goose bumps talking with a man at Lowe's Saturday. He and his wife heard about a 3 yr old boy in his neighborhood (7 yrs ago) that was being miss treated by his parents daily (in FL. at the time).
This boy was being beaten badly.
This man, Mike (Lowe's employee), went to the mother and told her he heard about it and wanted that bad treatment to stop.
The mother pushed the boy out the door and said,
"here, you want him? you can have him!" ....
Mike took the boy home and called his attorney the next day and adopted the boy, had the mom sign all the papers and never heard from her again. Moved from that area soon after that.... The boy is living a happy life with about 100 animals on a small farm now and has never been beaten again. The boy is hugged much and truly loved.
Wow, this man works in the Lighting/ceiling fan department at Lowe's in Madison Georgia. I wrote him a complementry letter to Lowe's for the great service he gave us Saturday.
Mike .. what a true hero!!!
Now I have goose bumps all over again.....
Please do not hurt your kids, and if you hear of one being miss treated,
do something about it.
Love you all, hug a child today!!
Joan Bunge

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