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Saturday, July 24, 2010

my own thing now

Doing my own thing now. After losing 35 pounds on the Belly Fat Cure ,then switching over to Atkins, I'm doing my own healthier diet now....
Look up, then go to "my plate", sign up and try keeping a food log for a few days.
The site breaks down everything you type in into the nutritional value information for you.
It will amaze you, or it did me! I just ate the normal Atkins food, and according to this site, in one day I had 2301 calories ( too many to lose weight), 2 times the normal cholesterol, more than twice the recommended sodium,,,, but my carbs and sugars were LOW!!!
Now I'm kinda doing BFC/Atkins but keeping this log too and watching everything I put in my mouth. My carbs are still low and low sugar too but I'm keeping everything else low now. I think this is more healthy. I go to the doctor in 2 weeks and I'll take her a copy of the "my plate" page.
I am just ready for the weight to come off now, but I want it to be a healthy diet too.
My hubby is on this journey with me, and neither of us need the sodium, as we both have high blood pressure.
Hugs to all my dieting buddies, don't give up and do it healthy!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

HUGE Awakening

OK.. I had a huge and shocking awakening about my diet.
I called myself sticking to my diet BUT not losing weight. But in reality, I have pushed my food intake to the edge of the envelope and then some! I have been reading all I can about diets and problems different groups of people have with their particular diet. I have been reading one site that is a forum for folks who have had weight loss surgery.
It's a great site, even tho I have not had this type surgery. (I used to think that I needed it, until I found the "belly fat cure diet book". I have lost about 34 pounds using it.) Now after reading for days and days on their "WLS" site, I realize that I am SO Happy that I did NOT have any surgery for weight loss!! They have major problems eating and for the rest of their lives!! OK, back to the point here.. while reading on there, a nutritionist wrote a great but long article about how important it is to keep a food journal, and how important it is to be truthful, brutally truthful.
I thought about that a while.....damn, that's hard to do. I was sorta keeping a running list in my head, I thought....hummmmm....OK, so yesterday I found another site to record ALL my food intake and it breaks it all down for me into calories, sodium, carbs, sugars...etc..etc....this is cool I thought.... well I was amazed!! To begin with take your weight and multiply that times 7 and that gives you the number of calories for a resting metobolic count. So if you just rest all day, you will burn that amount of calories, no matter what, so you need to eat less than that to lose weight. OK, I got my number, it's 1638 calories at my weight today. But after listing everything I ate yesterday, I ate 2301 calories!!!!!!!! OMG how did that happen??? and could that be the reason I'm not loosing...??? but of course it is the reason... but when reading further into the numbers..OMG again..I'm gonna die!! my fat was way over the top, cholesterol was more than double normal limits, my sodium was out the roof, twice and then some over the normal limit and my protein was about 3 times what it should be.
Only my carbs were low and my sugars were low and my fiber was ZERO (wonder why I have problems going to the bathroom??)
So today, I'm starting over again. I had a great protein shake for breakfast. 100 calories.and very good for you too, and 2 glasses of crystal light orange juice drink (0 cal.), counts as water.
Here is the website to list your food intake, it makes this so easy: plate/
try it out....... a new start............thank you Lord for giving me the chance to start again.

Monday, July 5, 2010

cauliflower casserole recipe

Great sounding recipe:

The protein shake mix got me back on track to loosing weight I think!!
I'm walking 10 minutes on my treadmill too,
that's great for someone who walks with a cane!!
Gotta go to the store to get ingredients for this recipe (above).
Kisses to all my diet buddies.
Don't cheat!~!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

cholesterol on Atkins diet

Here's a great NEW article on cholesterol and the Atkins diet or any low carb/high protein diet.
worth the read:

brand of Protein Shakes

We bought 2, each one is a 2 pound jug, one is vanilla and one is double chocolate.
The brand is Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein.
Has 6 grams carb, 3 gram sugar, 52 grams of protein pre serving.
Thursday I did this:
2 scoops vanilla, 1 cup water, 1 cup half & half,
1 package sugar free cheese cake pudding mix.
I blended that together in my blender and divided it in half and froze it.
It gets hard like an ice cube, but if you leave it out a while it gets easy to eat.
Taste like very rich ice cream. Rick said it's too rich.
Next time, I'll just add water, no half & half.
I put some recipes on my blog from Thursday,,,
one you put diet rite Tangerine or orange
soda in it and vanilla shake mix, and ice cubes....
we will make one of those tonight.
one you use the chocolate
and add a tablespoon of peanut butter!!
The article I read and posted said you will lose weight better if you eat more protein
and it recomended protein shakes.
Said you need 130-150 grams of protein a day.
If you want to see how many proteins you are eating a day,
here's a website I found to look them up:
The stupid woman at Wal-mart said these are just for body builders... dumb ass....!!
This morning I just mixed 1 scoop with 1/2 cup cold water, it's very good just like that.
I was amazed.
Brian and Ashley are using one called Iron Tech, said it was good but expensive...?
I want to see how I do with it for a while before I spend a LOT of $ on it.
Plus this is good to me and Rick.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Protein Shakes

Increasing fluid and protein intake seems to help a lot of people jump start their weight loss when they have stalled. Me included. I've never read an explanation of why that is, but it seems to work, so I'm not fighting it.
We bought 2 kinds and flavors of protein shakes to help us get this weight off.
I've been reading a lot on the web about weight and stalls. Most say it's normal, that your body is just catching up, that inches are changing. But to eat more protein and shake mixes are a good source of that. I will try just about anything now!~
I just walked 10 minutes on my tread mill, that's 5 minutes more than I have been walking!
Have a happy and safe July 4th weekend everyone, be safe and try not to cheat on whatever diet you are doing.
It's not worth having to lose those same pounds over and over again.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Valuable Info about calories

In the Biggest Loser book there is some VALUABLE information.
I want to share with all of you.

To lose weight:

Take your current weight and multiply it by 7. This number is the amount of calories you need to consume in a day to lose weight. As you lose weight...recalculate this!

The book goes on to say...take this magic number and divide to by 4...this tells you how many calories per meal you can consume....example: 1800 calories divided by 4 is each meal you can eat 450 calories......then they said to take one of those numbers...450 and divide by this example it is 225....this is the amount of calories in 2 snacks per the breakdown is 3 meals at 450 and 2 snacks at 225 equals 1800 calories...not bad..this helps people reliant on numbers! myself..

How much fat do I need a day:

Take your weight loss number...from above...and multiply by 0.25..this number is what you need to keep your fat grams under a day

The book does not define the amount of protein we need but we all know that we eat protein first and it does specify the importance of eating protein.

The book does not define the amount of carbs BUT it does talk about the the good carbs versus the bad carbs and how important good carbs are for your body!

Hope this helps...and I recommend the book..its really good and has some good recipes in it as well..

Fat Head the movie

Fat Head the movie
I hope you watch this! it's FREE!!


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