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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Can I go off my diet???

I was thinking "what if" I just went off this diet for a week and ate my "normal" high carb & high sugar foods...
What would happen??
I'll tell you what happens! You start to feel like crap and get tired by 10:00 AM. You spiral out of control and then gain 10 pounds. The next thing you know, it's been a month and you're covered in powdered sugar donuts and frosting. Finally, when you're on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns you decide to get back on the wagon again...tomorrow...after you polish off the ice cream and pizza. And then it's been another month and you've gained another 10 pounds. Don't let that happen to you. Learn from my experience! Ugh.

Never get off the boat!
Never get off the boat!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

low carb is Healthy

Yesterday morning on Fox news,the Fox & Friends show, they had an Atkins representative on and they showed Atkins food and talked about what a heart healthy diet it is now. A big study was done, 2000 people over 2 years, and how great their... health is now, all their blood work was wonderful. So it is getting out there to the public, that it is a healthy diet!!!! I've lost 36 pounds and feel awesome, have a long way to go, but my doctor is so happy with my diabetic blood work and I'm using 1/2 the insulin I was on. One day I will NOT be diabetic any longer thanks to Atkins and the Belly Fat Cure diet. Any time you restrict your carbs and sugar, that's a good day!!!! Just keep it up.
Great diet for a lifetime!
2 year studies show this now!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

what are U doing about your weight??

I just walked 10 minutes on my treadmill, went up a notch in the speed too, so I'm sweating down. That's good for someone who walks with a cane, I think, my doctor is pleased too. I go see her next Thursday, hope to get some new blood work done, I want to see what this diet is doing to me. Last time I went I had just been on it about 4 weeks, so this time should give us some truer readings, like my A1c test (measures average blood sugar count for the past 6 weeks, how does it do that??). I wish everyone had a doctor like mine, I just love her! She's so skinny and tall, a vegetarian to0. But she is so smart!! She's amazed at us doing this diet and excersize, not many of her patients are "good" ones. She tries, but why is it so hard for us to listen to our doctors, relatives and friends about us being over weight? My daddy, bless his heart, always wanted me to loose weight. He was very health conscious, God rest his soul. He loved me and would bring up my weight a lot and I hated that. Now I just wish I had listened to him. I also had a good friend/doctor years ago, I worked with her in the dept of corrections, womens prison, that asked me once,"What are you doing about your weight?" It startled me, we were friends, I was not her patient!! But all these people , I realize now, loved me and wanted me healthy. But why do we take comments like that as an insult instead of a loving comment as it is given? Maybe now, that I'm old, I can see things differently, but I wish I had been a wiser younger person, I'd probably not be diabetic now. Just rambling now, sorry.
I'm eating LOW carbs, maybe 2-3 servings a day that are whole grain and less than 15 grams of sugar a day. I learned this from the Belly Fat Cure diet book and Atkins diet. Both are great. If you are over weight, do something healthy now, before it's too late. I want everyone to stop eating sugar, read labels on your food. I cook 99% of our food at home, that way, we know what's in it!! Thank you Beth Murphy, my wonderful niece, who got me started on this journey. I love you so much and always have, even tho you are skinny. Tell me what you think, do you know someone who needs to lose weight? Help them with a gentle nudge, they will love you for it. Maybe......

Friday, August 6, 2010

a diet you can live with

4 months in and down 36 pounds!!

I'm loving dieting, weather it's the Belly Fat Cure, Atkins or South Beach..... I don't even miss bread AT ALL!

Isn't it amazing how much your tastes change over time?? I never thought I could live without bread, pasta or potatoes!! Now, eh, don't need 'em..
Amen! look at all the high sugar & high carbs others pack into their buggies at the grocery store, it's amazing! I use to do it too, but now I just want to stop folks and say, "Look at what you are eating!" The food makers / companies have sold everyone a rotten bill of goods in the American diet, and that's a "low fat"diet. It will not work..BUT if you cut carbs and sugars, you will get healthy. If you eat a low fat diet, you are hungry all the time and get off your diet in a day or 2,
I think that's why so many people get discouraged dieting.

That's just my opinion, what's yours???

Thursday, August 5, 2010

welcome a newbie in the UK

Hi Helen! so glad to have you as a diet buddy! I'm in the USA, so I don't know much about how you weigh a stone, we weigh in pounds. I started my diet April 3,2010, when I got a book called"The belly Fat Cure" by Jorge Cruise. It's a lot like Atkins very low carb and 15grams of sugar a day or less, so you really have to watch labels on foods, count all sugars and carb grams! Then I found the Atkins facebook page with so many of my belly fat cure dieters on board, we all just kind of switched over to Atkins. I keep a strict food diary and firmly believe in it!!! I do the, then "myplate" on it's page. You have to sign it for it to work, but it is FREE. If you type in a brand of bread for example, , maybe for toast for breakfast, it breaks it down into carbs,sugars, sodium etc...etc... I have lost 36 pounds and hubby has lost 30, we are obsessed with dieting now. So chat all you want to with us about it.
Atkins has a pizza bread recipe where you use cauliflower for the crust, it sounds bad, but looks good. We may have to try it together!! keep in touch. If you look at my pictures, I posted lots of foods I have cooked. Can't wait for you to get started on this journey!! It's FUN!!! Oh, I write a blog too.....about my diet....

Fat Head the movie

Fat Head the movie
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