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Monday, September 5, 2011

Jalapeno Poppers Low Carb Recipe

Here's another easy Low Carb "3 ingredient" recipe that I LOVE!

These are so good, you will wish you had made more.

The heat from the peppers is cooled a lot during

cooking and with the cream cheese too.

First, wear gloves if you have them.

Cut top off jalapeno, slice in half and remove seeds

and light colored membrane parts.

Fill each half with about 1 Tbsp cream cheese

and wrap each filled half pepper with a whole piece of bacon.

Bake at 375 (pre-heated) on a foil lined baking sheet for about

45 minutes until bacon is crisp.

Even the bacon drippings from these is delish!

Cavemen and Cavewomen would love these!!

And so would any other Low Carber out there.

Email me how much you love them:

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Love you all,

hugs from Georgia.


  1. the pig is one of my paintings

  2. YOU did that painting?? It's great! And love the easy recipes.

  3. Took these to a Thanksgiving dinner and they were a big hit! We should have made a double batch. Thank you for the easy and tasty recipe!! Happy Thanksgiving

  4. These are so delicious! if you want to sharpen up the cream cheese yo ucan add some grated cheese cheddar to the cream cheese too :D <3 this plain or dipped in homemade ranch


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