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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fat Head the movie

I think everyone should see Fat head!
It's a movie/documentary all about food.

It starts out showing how the "Super Size Me" movie was all wrong.
Then it gets really good!
You can rent it
or get it off Netflix or Hulu streaming free.
  • Fat Head was terrific!! I loved the way he showed how the government has tried to regulate what we eat and to our detriment! Do you think they are trying to kill us off????
  • I think the government is just trying to help the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies make money.
  • I'm sure they have many lobbyist paying lots of folks in very high places...
  • It (the movie) even shows how it (our diet) affects the commodities markets. OMG!!!
  • SICK greedy people!!

  • I'm doing Low carbs and no sugar
    and feel so good. More energy, and my blood sugar numbers are much much better.
    Maybe one day I'll be able to stop insulin shots!
    I'll be doing the happy dance for real then!

    Love you all, my low carb beautiful family.

  • Confession

    This post is so funny, I had to put it in my blog.
    The answers below (in red) it are all mine though.....

    Hope you enjoy this!!

    I come here tonight to confess my sins against The Diet. (Dr. Atkins, forgive me, for I have sinned; this is my first actual confession. And I hope this isn't sacriligeous.) My sin: I'm supposed to be on induction and I am not sticking to it closely enough. Mostly it's due to still having too much carby food around the apt. (Can't help it, nobody else is dieting with me so it has to stay.) Yesterday I printed out the list of food allowed on induction and found that some foods I'd gotten specifically FOR the diet can't be eaten yet. Then today came the killer: the husband brought home some food from Sonic (arrgh), so today I ate, in addition to the good stuff, an order of onion rings, a small order of tater tots, a piece of cornbread w/margarine and an Oreo. This stinks.

  • My answers to her:
  • don't question the "diet gods" just do as you are told, it will work, when you are ready to work it.

  • ‎"told" as in the book!!!
  • eat the good stuff, meat, cheese, eggs, green veggies. just load up on that, you will not be hungry!!!!

  • I really don't think you are ready yet, and that's OK. you are getting there, just give yourself some time to think and get your head on straight. You either stay like you are, or commit to make a BIG change in your life. When you are ready, you will be able to do it easily.
  • Monday, March 28, 2011

    Cheat Day?

    Can I go off my diet???

    This is an old blog of mine, but a goodie!!!

    I was thinking "what if" I just went off this diet for a day or a week and ate my "normal" high carb & high sugar foods...
    What would happen??
    I'll tell you what happens!
    You start to feel like crap and get tired by 10:00 AM.
    You spiral out of control and then gain 10 pounds.
    The next thing you know, it's been a month and
    you're covered in powdered sugar donuts and frosting.
    lly, when you're on the couch watching Seinfeld
    reruns you decide to get back on the wagon
    again...tomorrow...after you polish off the ice cream
    and pizza.
    And then it's been another month
    and you've gained another 10 pounds.
    Don't let that happen to you.
    Learn from my experience! Ugh.

    Never get off the boat!
    Never get off the boat!!

    Well, I did not listen to my own words, as usual.
    last October I get off my boat (got off my low carb/no sugar diet)...
    It took me 5 months to get back on after binging
    all during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Just cooking and eating anything and everything
    my heart desired. I'm a sick puppy for sure!
    Well I'm back, as of March 1, 2011.
    Never get off the boat!!!

    If yall have questions,
    email me at:

    Pork and other goodies

    Big thick pork chops, fry hot on both sides about 3 minutes, put in covered casserole and then into the oven for 20-30 minutes (350), yum so good and easy. I don't put anything on them but some "Dales" marinate. Or just some Lemon Pepper.
    My point is, we really don't need all this breading and stuff on them, they are great like this!! I buy the whole pork loin when our grocery has them on sale for $1.98 a pound, half price really. Freeze them, got some great meals in there!
    I saw where you can make noodles from zucchini (using just a potato peeler) and saute them in butter, that sounds easy to me and tasty too!
    I really do love this diet and have adopted it for a lifetime now. I'm diabetic and the food I'm eating makes me feel so much better and my diabetes is MUCH better too. Makes my doctor very happy!!
    I need to stop focusing on the scale and pounds, just focus on eating healthy and staying on Atkins. It does work! I promise. But if we just look at the scale, we are setting ourselves up for failure. put the scales away......I have made a commitment not to weigh again until June 15, OMGosh, can I do that? It's a scary thing for sure!
    Fat Head the movie documentary was terrific!! I loved the way he showed how the government has tried to regulate what we eat and to our detriment! Do you think they are trying to kill us off????
    I think the gov. is just trying to help the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies make money. I'm sure they have many lobbiest paying lots of folks in high places... SICK greedy people! Everyone needs to watch Fat head, get it on Netflix or Hulu, streaming free.

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Snacks for Low Carbers OMGosh!!!

    Veggies & dip (low carb salad dressing works)
    Bell pepper strips with blue cheese dressing
    Celery with cream cheese
    Celery with Franks hot sauce and Ranch dressing mixed
    Cucumbers with vinegar
    Deviled eggs
    boiled eggs
    Egg salad (add veggies to up your veggie carbs)
    Muffin in a minute (Flax meal muffin)
    Sliced mim with melted cheese & chicken
    Flax meal pancake (Can also be made into muffins)
    Cheese chips / cheese roll ups (Shredded cheese melted into “chips”)
    Cheese chips with salsa
    Pork Rinds
    Pork rinds with salsa
    Baby endive with mayo & feta cheese
    Sliced meat
    hot dog
    Sliced turkey/ham with cream cheese or mayo, rolled with dill pickle, or tomatoes inside.
    Olives and cream cheese
    artichokes pickled with olives
    Chicken & veggie salad
    Frozen sugar snap peas
    ½ bell pepper stuffed with cheese or tuna
    Tuna salad
    Bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms
    Bacon wrapped stuffed peppers
    Chicken wings (lots of low carb recipes available)
    Bell Pepper “Nachos”, with cheese, olives, onions & salsa
    Bacon wrapped shrimp
    Spinach & artichoke dip
    Meatballs (Homemade)
    Cauliflower “popcorn”
    Cheese filled bacon roll

    Sugar-free Jello, alone or with whipped cream.
    Pepperoni "chips" (heat pepperoni slices in the microwave, or fry)
    Smoked salmon and cream cheese on cucumber slices
    Lettuce Roll-ups (Roll luncheon meat, egg salad, tuna or other filling and veggies in lettuce leaves)
    Sliced Meat Roll-ups (Roll cheese or veggies in Sliced meat spread bean dip, spinach dip, or other low-carb dip or spread on the lunch meat or lettuce and then roll it up)
    Raw veggies and spinach dip, or other low-carb dip)
    Flax meal “crackers” with cheese, tuna dip etc.
    Atkins bar or shake
    Pickled eggs (make your own to be sure of ingredients)
    Artichoke and Red Pepper dip (made with peppers, artichokes, cheese, leek, mayo)
    Frozen Atkins Shake (Great substitute for ice cream!)
    Pimento cheese stuffed celery (Make your own, shredded chedder cheese,mayo.,drained diced pimentos,salt and pepper)
    Jicama with ranch dressing
    Tapenade - Black olive's without stones, add olive oil, in blender, until smooth paste. Serve on mim roll.
    Tea, coffee, other acceptable beverage.
    Rosemary Basil Flax meal Crackers - you can use these for SO may things!
    Mini “Sloppy Joes” (ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms etc on flax meal crackers.
    Tuna Melts - on Flax meal crackers.
    Nachos - flax meal crackers (made thin) - topped with your favourite nacho toppings, served with salsa (homemade, or store bought - no sugar of course!)
    Broccoli Salad (Broc, bacon, onions, mayo, splenda, vinegar)
    Red pepper, 1/2 topped with mixture of whipped cream cheese & cooked bacon crumbles
    Onion rings
    Jicama raw, sliced like fries with lemon juice and chilie powder
    Pork Rinds with Splenda and Cinnamon
    Mozzarella/pepperoni pizza (melt cheese in pan top with Italian seasoning and pepperoni, cook
    till crisp.)
    deviled eggs made w/ guacamole
    Cauliflower Salad
    bacon with cream cheese and chives on top
    Flax meal crackers topped with bacon/cream cheese/green onion mixture.
    Induction Cookies (butter, flax, pumpkin, spice etc)
    Black Olives
    Radish Home Fries (radishes, onion, butter, oil, salt & pepper
    Mozzarella & fresh basil rolled up in a slice of prosciutto
    Cole Slaw (cabbage, mayo, splenda, onion…carrots optional)
    Baked pepperoni with cheese (find pepperoni with 0 carbs….maybe turkey)
    Flax Cookie Cheesecake
    Baylor’s Pumpkin Cheesecake
    Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (with cream cheese/dill or mayo,bacon, mozza, onion)
    Kale Chips
    Egg Plant Chips
    Jalapeno Poppers (jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon)
    Guacamole stuffed veggies
    Flax meal flat bread or crackers with bruschetta topping
    Six Layer Taco Dip (Seven Layer Dip minus the beans)
    exas Caviar (no beans)
    Hot spinach, artichoke & chilie dip with induction friendly dippers-cheese chips, flax meal crackers, egg plant chips etc.
    Homemade Mexi-Italian salsa with favorite induction friendly dippers
    Sour Cream Mushroom Dip & induction friendly dippers
    Veggie skewers
    Stuffed cucumber (slice lengthwise, remove seeds, stuff with favourite dip)
    Green bean chips - Fried/baked French green beans. (season with salt or spices

    Saturday, March 26, 2011

    Cream Cheese Icing for the RRs

    4 oz Cream Cheese
    4 TBS Butter
    1/2 tsp Vanilla
    1/2 tsp Lemon Juice
    1/2 tsp Cinnamon
    1 TBS Cream
    1 TBS Water
    4 packets of Splenda powdered

    whip/cream this all together. it helps if it's all room temperature first.
    smear on the rolls. OMGosh is it good.
    My hubby said they are the best thing he's ever eaten, even better than carrot cake!!
    I've made 2 batches this week. and don't feel the least bit guilty eating them.

    The Revolution Rolls were made with 1/2 - 1 tsp of Cinnamon folded into the mix at the same time you fold the egg whites. Plus a little more Splenda than called for.
    I got this from Kent who does videos about cooking low carb, he's awesome!
    Disclaimer: this is not my recipe! I'm just sharing it folks. Kent may have invented it, but I did not.

    Fried Parmesan fish or chicken

    I thought this recipe up while eating breakfast one morning.
    I have lots of pecans in my freezer, so I wanted to put some to use ,
    applying them in an Atkins friendly recipe.
    So here it is:

    1 cup ground pecans
    1 cup parmasan cheese (grated)
    1 egg (wisked)
    olive oil & butter for frying
    fish or chicken tenders

    I ground the pecans in my blender, it only takes a second or 2.
    mix that with parmasan cheese, set aside.
    wisk egg in bowl by it's self.
    have your oil & butter heating in a non stick fry pan, about 2 tablespoons of each.
    dip your fish or chicken in egg,
    then dip into the pecan/cheese mixture.
    place gently into the hot oils, fry about 3-4 minutes on each side.
    The chicken may take a little longer.
    Cook on medium high heat,
    you want it to sizzle but not burn!!
    No salt is needed really, the cheese adds that flavor.

    If you are doing chicken:
    I like to flatten my tenders out:
    I do 2 at a time.
    using a large piece of plastic wrap, lay it across your cutting board, put 2 pieces of chicken tenders side by side on top, then fold the plastic wrap over the top of it. I use a wooden mallet
    and beat the chicken until almost flat.
    By using the plastic wrap, it keeps you from slinging the chicken juice and tiny pieces all over your kitchen!!!
    I wipe every thing down with a water/clorox mix when done.
    we do not what ecoli growing in your kitchen!!!

    Atkins Phase 1 BEST free advice ever

    I see all these newbies asking so many questions.
    Please read and study.
    Copy and print, tape it to your fridge!
    Learn your new way of life.
    It's easy once you make up your mind to make a change.
    You are not alone in this journey!
    Help is all around you, just ask.
    Copy and paste this URL into your browser:

    MiM recipe muffin in a minute

    A MiM is a muffin in a minute. there are 2 recipes on this page: a plain one for hamburger buns and a chocolate one, like brownies. Change it up to make all different kinds. I even like to add pumpkin pie spice and splenda to one , cook, slice and smear cream cheese all over it.
    MIM recipe for quick bread slices or hamburger buns

    1/4 cup flax meal

    1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    1/2 teaspoon splenda

    1 egg

    2 teaspoons heavy cream

    1 1/2 teaspoon softened butter(add more if u want a stronger butter flavor)

    You could also add garlic, onion, parmesan, salt,etc. to kick up the flavor. be sure to add in the carb count, though

    Mix well, let mixture sit for 3 minutes

    Microwave on high for 1:20

    For bread slices, microwave in a square dish

    For buns, microwave in a round dish/bowl

    Slice in half and toast in toaster
    Could also toast in a pan with butter for grilled cheese

    about 2 net carbs
    Rich Cocoa MIM
    1/4 c flaxseed meal
    1/2 tsp. baking powder
    1 tbs. unsweetened cocoa
    1 large egg
    2 tsp butter
    2 or 3 packets sweetener
    2 tsp heavy cream

    Mix dry ingredients in large rounded coffee cup
    Add egg, cream and butter. Stir well and microwave on high for one minute
    Invert cup onto serving dish. Slice and eat with chilled heavy whipping cream.
    About 4 or 5 net carbs.

    Recipe/White Castle Hamberger Pie

    1 pound ground beef
    1 packet onion soup mix or seasoning mixture (see recipe below)
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup mayonnaise
    1/4 cup heavy cream
    8 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded
    Salt and pepper, to taste

    Brown the hamburger with about half of the onion soup mix or seasoning mixture below *; drain the fat and season to taste with salt and pepper. Stir in the remaining soup mix or seasoning mixture and put the meat in a greased 9-10 inch pie plate. Stir in half of the cheese, then top with the remaining cheese. Whisk the eggs, mayonnaise, cream and a dash of pepper well; pour evenly over the meat. Bake at 350º for 30-35 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.

    Makes 6-8 servings
    Can be frozen

    * If you're wondering why I only mix half of the soup mix with the meat while cooking, then stir the rest in later, that's so it will flavor it a bit, but you won't lose most of the flavoring with the grease that's drained off.

    Serving Suggestion: For a true White Castle experience, top each serving with dill pickles and mustard. Or, make a sauce of dill pickle relish and mustard.

    Per 1/6 Pie: 490 Calories; 41g Fat; 25g Protein; 5g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber; 4g Net Carbs
    Per 1/8 Pie: 368 Calories; 31g Fat; 19g Protein; 4g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber; 3g Net Carbs

    Recipe/breakfast casserole

    Brown 1 pound good sausage in frying pan, drain
    1/2 cup onion, chopped
    1/2 cup bell pepper,chopped
    6 eggs,beat with fork or wire wisk
    1 cup half & half
    1/2 cup water
    2 cups cheese, Grated,use your fave
    (I used 1 cup Mexican taco cheese & 1 cup mozarella)
    I just brown the sausage, drain it.
    put it in the bottom of a greased casserole dish.
    spread the onions & peppers over it.(I sautéed mine a tiny bit, but you don't have to)
    mix all the eggs, half & half, water and cheese together.
    pour over meat.
    bake at 350 for 45 -60 minutes.
    Mixing the cheese into the eggs makes this so much better than just sprinkling it over the top.
    This casserole lasted us 3 days. We just sliced some and reheated in microwave when ever we wanted. It's good at room
    I got this from a mixture of an old recipe of mine (but it had bread layered on the bottom) and from Kent the low carb master cook!

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    No pity party here, not yet.....

    Atkins folks. Look, it takes a while to get your head straight. This is yours and my food for a life time now.
    I have 100 pounds to lose. I remember many many years ago, I weighed 155 and thought I was so fat! I'd love to weigh that now, and I will, this time next year !!!!!
    so go slow, it works, lets make it fun..

    Todays food:
    2 sausage patties (Rudys Farm)
    1 fried egg
    coffee with heavy cream
    water w/lemon

    more coffee w/heavy cream

    I want some soup. I read someplace recently to take a can of Chinese Veggies, drain, add to a can of chicken broth or beef broth, heat and enjoy. I could also do an egg drop thingy to it too...??
    I may do that for lunch today.

    Some of you don't know that I walk with a cane, this is NOT a Pity Party!
    I'm just explaining myself. I have spinal stenosis and lots of other problems with my back.
    BUT...... get to the point Joan!!!
    I try to walk on my tread mill. Did it 2 times today, 5 minutes each time. So I know it will be slow getting this weight off.
    But that's OK, what else do I have to do??
    Losing weight is FUN!!! My attitude is good when I'm sticking with a diet.
    I feel so much better without carbs and sugar n my body.
    Like I said on Atkins Facebook page:
    "These Atkins folks are like family,
    only BETTER!!"

    revolution rolls (RR) or OOPSIE buns Recipe

    revolution rolls (RR) or OOPSIE buns,

    Here's Kent's original video:

    And the recipe (with variations):

    3 eggs, separated (variation: use 3 egg yolks and 4 egg whites)
    3 oz Cream Cheese
    1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar (variation: reduce cream of tartar to 1/8 tsp)
    2 tsp Splenda
    (variation: reduce to 1 tsp or leave out altogether)
    Salt, dash

    mix egg yolks, cream cheese, splenda and salt until smooth.

    whip egg whites with cream of tartar until stiff by not dry. fold into yolk mixture, spoon into six portions on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
    Makes 6 servings
    Bake at 300 degrees for 35-55 minutes
    Nutrition Info: (per serving)
    90 Calories, 7g Fat, 6g Protein, .5g Carb.
    I made these again yesterday adding 3 packs splenda and 1 teaspoon cinnamon to them. then I made the cream cheese icing for an awesome cinnamon bun, from Kent's you tube video recipe.
    Also, if you use wire wish in your electric mixer and have the eggs at room temperature, it will help to make these egg whites beat fast and very very fluffy.
    Hugs to all my low carb buds. Keep up the journey.
    I believe these originally came from Linda's low carb recipe site,
    I have it posted at the bottom with my blogs I follow.
    If you need to email me:

    Staring over again and again

    Ok friends, I'm back at it. I'm still low carbing, but doing Atkins diet now. This is for a life time, I'm finally learning the hard way. If you read my blog last year, I was doing low carb but on the Belly Fat Cure diet, from Jorge Cruises book by that name. But I got off it some how in late October or early November. I thought, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, I love to cook and eat !! So I thought, I'll go off and get back on January 1, 2011. Well, it's not that easy to get your head straight after eating carbs , any amounts you want. But I'm back now!!
    I have realized the hard way that I can not eat carbs. On the BFC diet (Belly Fat Cure Diet),
    you can have up to 6 servings of carbs a day. Well it works fine, but it just makes me hunger for more carbs.
    So I am on Atkins, started back March 1, 2011. and eating no servings of carbs is a much better way , FOR ME. You have to decide what's best for you.
    I'll be posting recipes with pictures, hopefully., on here and other tid bits about my journey of losing weight.
    I am diabetic, taking 4 pills and a shot every day for this. But already, my blood sugar is so much better, that I have gone from 70 units of insulin a day to 50 now. I was reading 250-275 numbers in the AM, now it's almost normal, about 100-150 in the AM. So I know that what I'm doing is a healthy way for me.
    Love to all my foodies out there. kisses and best wishes.

    Fat Head the movie

    Fat Head the movie
    I hope you watch this! it's FREE!!


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