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Friday, July 8, 2011

High Protein Shakes for low carb diets

These 2 brands above are just 2 of the ones I've tried.
I really like the flavor of the shorter container, bought at Wal-Mart!
The Unjury brand is one that I found while doing research.
It is used a lot for patients who have had stomach by pass surgery.
So I thought it would really be good. It was more costly,
I had to buy it on line and I really didn't like the flavor much.
But by adding vanilla flavoring and cocoa powder , plus other ingredients,
it can be made to be pretty good.

To make shakes with these,
you can concoct your own recipes.
See bottom for more ideas for flavors!!!
Yesterday I did this.

In the blender, put this:

1/3 cup heavy cream
2 scoops of vanilla protein powder
1 teaspoon Splenda w/fiber
8-10 ice cubes
and about 1 half can of diet cola

Cover and hold your hand on the lid at all times.
Blend on high for 2-4 minutes
until smooth.
Taste it now, so if you need more Splenda or more ice,
now is the time to add it.
Blend again and pour into a tall glass.
I use this for my breakfast, lunch or a late night snack sometimes.
I do not do it every day, maybe once a week for a change.
My protein powder was 3 g carb for 2 scoops and 110 cal .
then no carbs for the added heavy cream or diet soda pop.

OK, another one I love it instead of the Cola, I add
Diet Orange Soda to it.
It taste like an orange cycle.

I have made these using cold coffee left over from breakfast,
that's yummy!!

And of course cocoa powder added to the coffee is good too,
but you need to add more Splenda.

I also used the same as the recipe, but used root beer in it instead of cola.

The shake results are endless only to your imagination!!
Have fun,
and let me know how you made yours!!
email me or facebook me anytime
(Joan Bunge)

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