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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

looking after aging parents -Alzheimer and dementia

I know this is my "low carb" blog.
We, my husband and I, took on looking after my parents a year after 
we got married, back in 1995.
My Dad (born in 1910) had Alzheimer disease.
My Mom (born in 1918) just could not look after him in Florida, by herself.
He passed away 2 1/2 years after they came to live with us.
But Daddy's story is different than Mom's.
I'll write more about him later.....

She, my mom, is 95 years old now,
and has been healthy all her long life, till now.
Her body is still healthy, but her mind is going fast.
She can't remember how to do tasks that she's done for years now.
Like fixing her cereal in the morning.
Brushing her teeth (yes she still has her own teeth).
They are so worn out now, but still serve the purpose.
I have to tell her how and when to do everything.
She's like having a 3 year old all over again.

I think she has dementia.
She sees her doctor every 6 months and is healthy.
 OMG, this has been so hard on me and Rick.
Everyday seems worse than the day before.
Rick and I both have health issues.
My mom, Rosamond, may outlive us both.
I'm just venting here today.
Thanks for listening, if anyone's out there.....
Just PRAY....


  1. I was looking for low carb meals and came across your post. Just wanted you to know that I am already praying for you and your family! May God give you all supernatural healing both emotionally and physically to handle whatever comes your way!! I also wanted to say you are an inspiration to me in how you and your husband have opened your hearts and home to your parents realizing that it would not be easy; especially when you were only married a year before you took on such a huge labor of love! May God bless you!

  2. Hi Joan, I always read your blog and I understand how challenging caring for an aging parent is. You sound like a sweet and caring women! Sending you hugs and prayers.

  3. Bless your heart for helping your mother in her time of need. I can only imagine how difficult it must be. There is a blog that may encourage you. Her mother has Alzheimer's. I read the blog for encouragement in caregiving but I do not have anyone with Alzheimer.

    God, Mom, Alzheimer's, and Me

    She is on BlogSpot.

  4. Hi Joan. Your post is dated April - but I had to write anyway. I feel you. My dear mother 86 - lives with my husband and me - for 6 years now. She has some dementia. When she first came to live with us - she was fairly unsteady on her feet. She also began having daily hallucinations - seeing people in the back yard and sometimes in the house. I accepted the hallucinations as part of her dementia. Her doctor referred us to a geriatric specialist and that made a HUGE difference. The specialist went thru all her meds and made a few adjustments - one at a time. She's much more steady on her feet. Hallucinations are rare now. Her memory even seems to be a bit better now. I judge this by her ability to follow a quilt or jewelry pattern now - something she had lost for a while before meds adjusted and changed. Anyway - food for thought. I pray for many blessings to come your way.

  5. Do a search on Dr. Mary Newport... She has had remarkable results treating her husband who has Alz


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