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Friday, April 5, 2013

Wish I had read my own blog! SICK MIND of MINE....

Not Diebetic any more (almost) happy dancing now!!

I sure wish I had read and reread this blog from October 2011, but no..

 I went off this way of eating and went my own sick path for a year. 

Gained 14 pounds back, A1C is out of control. 

But I'm back now, for a month, really sticking with it.

It's NOT worth it, to go astray, not worth it at all!!


October 2011:
I just came home from my doctor's appointment, every 3 months,
check up for pain management (spinal stenosis) and diabetes check.
My doctor was amazed!!
No more pain meds prescribed,
cutting one of my diabetic pills in half for 1 week
then stopping it altogether (glucotrol).
She said it causes weight gain, OMG!
Cutting my insulin way way down.
Will go off the metformin in a month or 2. (it's the one that causes awful diarrhea)
She said I will definitely NOT be diabetic much longer, if I kept this up.
She even said that she was going to have to "re-think" her own diet, as a vegetarian.
My A1C was 5.5. she almost fainted..this time last year, it was 8.6.
4.5 to 5 is normal and not diabetic!!!!!
also I had lost 15 pounds since my last visit.
I'm so happy!!! and getting healthier every day,
Thanks to Dr. Atkins and all my low carb friends!
Blood pressure normal also....
love you all,

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