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Saturday, July 24, 2010

my own thing now

Doing my own thing now. After losing 35 pounds on the Belly Fat Cure ,then switching over to Atkins, I'm doing my own healthier diet now....
Look up, then go to "my plate", sign up and try keeping a food log for a few days.
The site breaks down everything you type in into the nutritional value information for you.
It will amaze you, or it did me! I just ate the normal Atkins food, and according to this site, in one day I had 2301 calories ( too many to lose weight), 2 times the normal cholesterol, more than twice the recommended sodium,,,, but my carbs and sugars were LOW!!!
Now I'm kinda doing BFC/Atkins but keeping this log too and watching everything I put in my mouth. My carbs are still low and low sugar too but I'm keeping everything else low now. I think this is more healthy. I go to the doctor in 2 weeks and I'll take her a copy of the "my plate" page.
I am just ready for the weight to come off now, but I want it to be a healthy diet too.
My hubby is on this journey with me, and neither of us need the sodium, as we both have high blood pressure.
Hugs to all my dieting buddies, don't give up and do it healthy!!


  1. HI Joan, You are doing so good. I know you will do well when you see the doctor. Keep on BFC ' n :-)

  2. Joanie I agree. I did the Adkins a few years ago and dropped about 40 lbs. and did not consider the salt or fat. I ate bacon and fried chicken and butter and etc etc ... I agree we must consider it ALL if it is going to be a healthy diet! Sodium and lard will kill us EVEN if we are losing weight on the Adkins!

    I must mention that I also had to have an emergency gall bladder removal after losing those 40 lbs eating all that high fat protein.

    Joan I agree with the healthy way you are losing weight and the way you are encouraging others! Keep up the good work!


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