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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back to Basics, Atkins 101

I've been doing so good the past couple of months.
I'm losing weight and blood sugar numbers have been 
really good too. Till about 2 weeks ago.

I started making all these new "low carb"recipes and 
eating way too much. So today I'm getting back to basics.
Back to counting carbs and writing everything 
(that goes into my mouth) down in my food journal.
I don't do a fancy journal, like on my iPhone,
 I just write it in a spiral notebook.
This always helps!!

Walked on my treadmill already.
Cooked breakfast.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Washed my Moms clothes.
Just the normal stuff. 

For lunch:
Will eat a hot dog with just mustard on it,
 no bread of course
but I may wrap it in a lettuce leaf.
And supper: 
a big ground chuck burger
and a salad with just oil, vinegar and dried Italian seasoning
sprinkled on top.

Maybe some celery for a snack tonight.

Drink lots of water ......
have a great day everyone and thanks for following me ...


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