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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Diabetes, Low Carb, Atkins and Wheat Belly

The only thing that has ever helped me control diabetes, 
is eating and living the low carb way of life. 
THANK YOU Dr. Atkins!
My doctor is always amazed at my blood work each 3 months I go.
I try to keep my carbs at the Atkins induction rate, 
about 20-30 net carbs a day.
I'm now cutting back on fats too. 
The wheat belly book is a great example 
of why we should not eat wheat or grains or sugar.
It states in the book:
"Wheat is the tobacco to this generation."
It's so true. We Americans are addicted to wheat.
 Next time you go grocery shopping, look at how many people
 are obese and look inside their buggies.
It's amazing! I just want to cry or yell at them what 
they are doing to their selves but most importantly to their kids!!
Wake up America, stop eating grains and sugar!!
Hugs to all. We can do this together.
Just start..... after about a week, you will not crave fattening foods.

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Fat Head the movie
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