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Thursday, August 5, 2010

welcome a newbie in the UK

Hi Helen! so glad to have you as a diet buddy! I'm in the USA, so I don't know much about how you weigh a stone, we weigh in pounds. I started my diet April 3,2010, when I got a book called"The belly Fat Cure" by Jorge Cruise. It's a lot like Atkins very low carb and 15grams of sugar a day or less, so you really have to watch labels on foods, count all sugars and carb grams! Then I found the Atkins facebook page with so many of my belly fat cure dieters on board, we all just kind of switched over to Atkins. I keep a strict food diary and firmly believe in it!!! I do the, then "myplate" on it's page. You have to sign it for it to work, but it is FREE. If you type in a brand of bread for example, , maybe for toast for breakfast, it breaks it down into carbs,sugars, sodium etc...etc... I have lost 36 pounds and hubby has lost 30, we are obsessed with dieting now. So chat all you want to with us about it.
Atkins has a pizza bread recipe where you use cauliflower for the crust, it sounds bad, but looks good. We may have to try it together!! keep in touch. If you look at my pictures, I posted lots of foods I have cooked. Can't wait for you to get started on this journey!! It's FUN!!! Oh, I write a blog too.....about my diet....

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  1. hi joan..... :) this is so nice... :) i am quite busy now, but hopefully tonight i will sit down and be able to spend some time on here... :)
    well, u dont know about stones... well, let's just say- I am big.. :) 91 kilos.... ish.. :)

    anyway, today i am going to refill my fridge with more healthy stuff...:) and monday it is... still thinking about to get my self something very naughty before monday, but maybe i will resist.. :)
    so, i am going no, but hopefully willl be back soon... :) :)


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