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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

low carb is Healthy

Yesterday morning on Fox news,the Fox & Friends show, they had an Atkins representative on and they showed Atkins food and talked about what a heart healthy diet it is now. A big study was done, 2000 people over 2 years, and how great their... health is now, all their blood work was wonderful. So it is getting out there to the public, that it is a healthy diet!!!! I've lost 36 pounds and feel awesome, have a long way to go, but my doctor is so happy with my diabetic blood work and I'm using 1/2 the insulin I was on. One day I will NOT be diabetic any longer thanks to Atkins and the Belly Fat Cure diet. Any time you restrict your carbs and sugar, that's a good day!!!! Just keep it up.
Great diet for a lifetime!
2 year studies show this now!!

1 comment:

  1. Low carb diets get such a bad wrap! So unfortunate because it keeps a lot of people from trying it. But we know it works!


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