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Friday, August 13, 2010

what are U doing about your weight??

I just walked 10 minutes on my treadmill, went up a notch in the speed too, so I'm sweating down. That's good for someone who walks with a cane, I think, my doctor is pleased too. I go see her next Thursday, hope to get some new blood work done, I want to see what this diet is doing to me. Last time I went I had just been on it about 4 weeks, so this time should give us some truer readings, like my A1c test (measures average blood sugar count for the past 6 weeks, how does it do that??). I wish everyone had a doctor like mine, I just love her! She's so skinny and tall, a vegetarian to0. But she is so smart!! She's amazed at us doing this diet and excersize, not many of her patients are "good" ones. She tries, but why is it so hard for us to listen to our doctors, relatives and friends about us being over weight? My daddy, bless his heart, always wanted me to loose weight. He was very health conscious, God rest his soul. He loved me and would bring up my weight a lot and I hated that. Now I just wish I had listened to him. I also had a good friend/doctor years ago, I worked with her in the dept of corrections, womens prison, that asked me once,"What are you doing about your weight?" It startled me, we were friends, I was not her patient!! But all these people , I realize now, loved me and wanted me healthy. But why do we take comments like that as an insult instead of a loving comment as it is given? Maybe now, that I'm old, I can see things differently, but I wish I had been a wiser younger person, I'd probably not be diabetic now. Just rambling now, sorry.
I'm eating LOW carbs, maybe 2-3 servings a day that are whole grain and less than 15 grams of sugar a day. I learned this from the Belly Fat Cure diet book and Atkins diet. Both are great. If you are over weight, do something healthy now, before it's too late. I want everyone to stop eating sugar, read labels on your food. I cook 99% of our food at home, that way, we know what's in it!! Thank you Beth Murphy, my wonderful niece, who got me started on this journey. I love you so much and always have, even tho you are skinny. Tell me what you think, do you know someone who needs to lose weight? Help them with a gentle nudge, they will love you for it. Maybe......

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  1. You are doing so great Joan. We never listened before because we were not ready. No matter how much I tell my little sister to lose weight, she won't listen. I hope she does some day before its too late. Keep up the great work. :-)


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