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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cabbage low carb veggie

I love to use cabbage in cooking.
I have started buying whole heads
and running it thru my food processor.
If you use the top blade , not grating it, but the slicer side,
you will end up with "angel hair" pieces.
This head almost filled a gallon zip lock bag,
I will mix a cole slaw dressing using mayonnaise,
vinegar, splenda and celery salt.
Then when it's about time to eat,
I'll mix in a hand full or 2 in with the dressing.
If you mix it earlier, the juices from the cabbage come out
and make the slaw very runny and watery.

I like to use some in making a tossed salad also.
Sometimes I just get a small bowl of cabbage by it's self
and put Italian dressing or blue cheese dressing on it
for a snack or crunchy salad.
But I also use it cooking soups, stews and other things.
I like having cabbage ready in the refrigerator
to just reach in the bag and grab.
I have bought the bags already shredded,
but this way is a lot fresher and cheaper!
Plus you will get a huge gallon for the price of
that tiny little bag that's 2 weeks old when you buy it.

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  2. I love this idea! It is ready when you are hungry and don't want to go through the hassle of slicing or shredding the cabbage. I love cole slaw. I make it with a sprinkle of white wine vinegar, olive oil, celery seed and a pinch of splenda. hmmm Now, I have to learn how to use my food processor.


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