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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot Summer Low Carb Ideas

I grew up a city girl, but my older sister was more a country girl (10 years older than me). I got married real young, but my first garden was a big one. We planted 114 tomato plants (my brother in law had started the plants). I have never seen so many tomatoes in my life as that first garden, (in 1968)! I canned tomatoes by the quart, then made everything else with them that I could think of, ketsup, chili sauce, even made sweet pickles with the green ones towards the end of the growing time. My older sister lived 2 doors down from me, she had her own huge garden, so she was no help to me at all. We didn't even have air conditioning back then, just a small fan in the kitchen!! those were the days! So I learned to "can" foods and freeze too just because I loved doing it really, not because I had to.
I still love canning my own foods. Used to love to garden, but with my back problems, never again.
Cooking has been one of my favorite past times, my whole life, that's why I gained weight I'm sure. Well, I still love cooking but have had to find new recipes. And I've learned that almost any OLD recipe that I really want, I can probably "tweak" it to make it LOW CARB now for my Atkins way of life.
I'm going to make some of Linda's famous ketsup this week.
Just made sugar free jello for our night time snacks. Rick is not following this low carb diet so much, so I put a can of mandarin oranges in his, juice and fruit. But mine, I just make peach sugar free jello and I'll add some whip cream on top.
We are having home made low carb pizzas tonight for dinner. It's so hot here in middle Georgia, that I'm going to make them on the grill tonight out on the screened-in porch.
What are yall doing for low carbing cool treats?
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  1. SF jello/whipped cream = lifesaver! :-) I want to try and make a LC dessert with strawberries and rhubarb too


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