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Friday, March 25, 2011

No pity party here, not yet.....

Atkins folks. Look, it takes a while to get your head straight. This is yours and my food for a life time now.
I have 100 pounds to lose. I remember many many years ago, I weighed 155 and thought I was so fat! I'd love to weigh that now, and I will, this time next year !!!!!
so go slow, it works, lets make it fun..

Todays food:
2 sausage patties (Rudys Farm)
1 fried egg
coffee with heavy cream
water w/lemon

more coffee w/heavy cream

I want some soup. I read someplace recently to take a can of Chinese Veggies, drain, add to a can of chicken broth or beef broth, heat and enjoy. I could also do an egg drop thingy to it too...??
I may do that for lunch today.

Some of you don't know that I walk with a cane, this is NOT a Pity Party!
I'm just explaining myself. I have spinal stenosis and lots of other problems with my back.
BUT...... get to the point Joan!!!
I try to walk on my tread mill. Did it 2 times today, 5 minutes each time. So I know it will be slow getting this weight off.
But that's OK, what else do I have to do??
Losing weight is FUN!!! My attitude is good when I'm sticking with a diet.
I feel so much better without carbs and sugar n my body.
Like I said on Atkins Facebook page:
"These Atkins folks are like family,
only BETTER!!"


  1. I love you and thank you for being an inspiration to me.

  2. You are my true soul mate. Love your new blog! We can do this.


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Fat Head the movie
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