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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fat Head the movie

I think everyone should see Fat head!
It's a movie/documentary all about food.

It starts out showing how the "Super Size Me" movie was all wrong.
Then it gets really good!
You can rent it
or get it off Netflix or Hulu streaming free.
  • Fat Head was terrific!! I loved the way he showed how the government has tried to regulate what we eat and to our detriment! Do you think they are trying to kill us off????
  • I think the government is just trying to help the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies make money.
  • I'm sure they have many lobbyist paying lots of folks in very high places...
  • It (the movie) even shows how it (our diet) affects the commodities markets. OMG!!!
  • SICK greedy people!!

  • I'm doing Low carbs and no sugar
    and feel so good. More energy, and my blood sugar numbers are much much better.
    Maybe one day I'll be able to stop insulin shots!
    I'll be doing the happy dance for real then!

    Love you all, my low carb beautiful family.


    1. I was SHOCKED when I watched Fat Head and learned what was really going on. My husband and I talked about that movie for days. I still can't get over some of the wrong information that has been pumped into our brains.

      Good for you that you are now living low carb and enjoying life!


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    Fat Head the movie

    Fat Head the movie
    I hope you watch this! it's FREE!!


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