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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Low Carb Snack List-its endless

Vegetables with dip (low carb salad dressing works)
Bell pepper strips with blue cheese dressing
Celery with cream cheese
Celery with Franks hot sauce and Ranch dressing mixed
Cucumbers with vinegar
Deviled eggs
boiled eggs
Egg salad (add veggies to up your veggie carbs)
Muffin in a minute (Flax meal muffin)
Sliced mim with melted cheese & chicken
Cheese chips / cheese roll ups (Shredded cheese melted into “chips”)

Cheese chips with salsa
Pork Rinds
Pork rinds with salsa
Baby endive with mayo & feta cheese
Sliced meat
hot dog
Sliced turkey/ham with cream cheese or mayo, rolled with dill pickle, or tomatoes inside.
Olives and cream cheese
artichokes pickled with olives
Chicken & veggie salad
Frozen sugar snap peas
½ bell pepper stuffed with cheese or tuna

Tuna salad
Bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms
Bacon wrapped stuffed peppers
Chicken wings (lots of low carb recipes available)
Bell Pepper “Nachos”, with cheese, olives, onions & salsa
Bacon wrapped shrimp
Spinach & artichoke dip
Meatballs (Homemade)
Cauliflower “popcorn”
Cheese filled bacon roll

Sugar-free Jello, alone or with whipped cream.
Pepperoni "chips" (heat pepperoni slices in the microwave, or fry)
Smoked salmon and cream cheese on cucumber slices
Lettuce Roll-ups (Roll luncheon meat, egg salad, tuna or other filling and veggies in lettuce leaves)
Sliced Meat Roll-ups (Roll cheese or veggies in Sliced meat spread bean dip, spinach dip, or other low-carb dip or spread on the lunch meat or lettuce and then roll it up)
Raw veggies and spinach dip, or other low-carb dip)
Flax meal “crackers” with cheese, tuna dip etc.
Atkins bar or shake
Pickled eggs (make your own to be sure of ingredients)
Artichoke and Red Pepper dip (made with peppers, artichokes, cheese, leek, mayo)
Frozen Atkins Shake (Great substitute for ice cream!)
Pimento cheese stuffed celery (Make your own, shredded chedder cheese,mayo.,drained diced pimentos,salt and pepper)

Jicama with ranch dressing
Tapenade - Black olive's without stones, add olive oil, in blender, until smooth paste. Serve on mim roll.
Tea, coffee, other acceptable beverage.
Rosemary Basil Flax meal Crackers - you can use these for SO may things!
Mini “Sloppy Joes” (ground beef, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms etc on flax meal crackers.
Tuna Melts - on Flax meal crackers.
Nachos - flax meal crackers (made thin) - topped with your favourite nacho toppings, served with salsa (homemade, or store bought - no sugar of course!)
Broccoli Salad (Broc, bacon, onions, mayo, splenda, vinegar)
Red pepper, 1/2 topped with mixture of whipped cream cheese & cooked bacon crumbles
Onion rings
Jicama raw, sliced like fries with lemon juice and chilie powder
Pork Rinds with Splenda and Cinnamon
Mozzarella/pepperoni pizza (melt cheese in pan top with Italian seasoning and pepperoni, cook till crispy

deviled eggs made w/ guacamole
Cauliflower Salad
bacon with cream cheese and chives on top
Flax meal crackers topped with bacon/cream cheese/green onion mixture.
Induction Cookies (butter, flax, pumpkin, spice etc)
Black Olives
Radish Home Fries (radishes, onion, butter, oil, salt & pepper
Mozzarella & fresh basil rolled up in a slice of prosciutto
Cole Slaw (cabbage, mayo, splenda, onion…carrots optional)
Baked pepperoni with cheese (find pepperoni with 0 carbs….maybe turkey)
Flax Cookie Cheesecake
Baylor’s Pumpkin Cheesecake
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (with cream cheese/dill or mayo,bacon, mozza, onion)
Kale Chips
Egg Plant Chips
Jalapeno Poppers (jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon)
Guacamole stuffed veggies
Flax meal flat bread or crackers with bruschetta topping
Six Layer Taco Dip (Seven Layer Dip minus the beans)

exas Caviar (no beans)-google it
Hot spinach, artichoke & chilie dip with induction friendly dippers-cheese chips, flax meal crackers, egg plant chips etc.
Homemade Mexi-Italian salsa with favorite induction friendly dippers
Sour Cream Mushroom Dip induction friendly dippers
Vegetable skewers
Stuffed cucumber (slice lengthwise, remove seeds, stuff with favorite dip)
Green bean chips - Fried/baked French green beans. (season with salt or spices

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