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Friday, March 8, 2013

Starting over again

Yesterday I began my Low Carbohydrate journey again.
Sometimes we just fall off the wagon, but the mind set
 was always in there whispering to eat right.

 I had 2 boiled eggs (4 minutes) with a little salt and butter,
mashed up, don't knock it you've tried it..
 3 thin slices of bacon fried crisp and blotted dry with paper towel.
Crystal Lite tea
lots of pills and an insulin shot.

1/2 a home made dill pickle
3 Oscar Myer Beef hot dogs
probably 3 tablespoons of Frenches mustard (YUMM)
1/4 cup left over cole slaw

2 medium sized hamburger patties
about a cup of good steamed broccoli
1 tablespoon butter.

homemade dill pickle dipped in Ken's Blue Cheese Dressing
my homemade slaw
5 green olives
Crystal Lite Tea

Joan's Cole Slaw recipe:
I use a package of the cabbage, with carrots, fine chopped,
 found in the produce section of grocery store.
First in a bowl I mix the topping,
 about 1/2 cup mayonnaise
1- 2 tablespoons vinegar
3-4 tablespoons of Splenda (optional)
salt pepper
dill weed (dried)
celery seeds (dried)
I mix up the dressing part first and taste, adjust to your liking.
then mix the cabbage into the dressing, cover, and refirgeate.
It will wilt down quite a bit.
but it gets better and better.

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