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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Husband is Low Carbing with me!!

I'm sure if you have been eating low carb for any amount of time, 
you know how much it helps to have support close by. 
My awesome husband, Rick, got on board with me a couple of weeks ago. 
He's "kinda" done this before, but he'd whine about missing his cookies, 
crackers and cheetoes.
But this time is so different!
I read to him some of the Wheat Belly book and I really
think that helped make up his mind.

It clicked with him just how poisonous wheat and sugar is to our bodies.
Even the products labeled "gluten free" are BAD for us!
They have more garbage in them that anything!
Anyway, I am thrilled that Rick is with me now, low carb eating all the way!
He keeps me straight and I do him.
We check the carbs in everything we eat. 

I now keep snacks made and ready in a flash in the fridge.
Like deviled eggs, celery, washed and sliced, pickled celery,
olives and goodies like that. It's great to see him excited about loosing weight.
He reached a big goal just yesterday, weighing less than 200!!
And today he lost another pound. So he's really sticking with this way of eating with me.
What a JOY!!

if it comes in a box, don't eat it!
if you can buy it at a drive through window, don't eat it!
if it's advertised on TV, don't eat it.
so true.
Also try to do most of your shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store.
Not much need in going into the middle and down the isles,
 that's where the junk/garbage is!

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