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Monday, May 2, 2011

Low Carb Diet Cures Much

I asked: How has eating Atkins Low Carb Diet affected you?
Below is a list of the results from the 21 people
who answered me on the Atkins facebook page.
It's amazing to me!!

1) makes me feel great!
2) I am getting better with my heart huring and short of breath from doing housework.
3) It has helped to control my bipolar. Almost a year medicated drug free. I wouldnt say cure it because I still have my episodes but it sure made my episodes a very very very rare thing. I am a happy girl!
4)will cure your diabetes if you stick with it.
5)sugar feeds cancer, so I think this will wart off cancer
6) it has made my asthma almost non exsistant as well. I use to use inhalor at least 2 times a day but now I use it maybe one time a month if that!
7) loose weight, if we stick with it
8) It's fixing prediabetes and keeping me off meds. It's also making my body less fat
9)Low carb will cure toe nail fungus! I read an article about it and I have seen it first hand.
10)The Induction version of Atkins has been shown to help reduce and even eliminate epilepsy episodes. It is very similar to that of a ketogenic diet which is prescribed for people with epilepsy.
11)For me, its fixing my Prediabetes and No longer wake up feeling in pain all over and I no longer have stomach pains, heartburn, acid reflux or headaches...
12)Now I'm hoping for an Atkins baby! yes you heard it right low carbing DOES increases the chances of getting pregger for girls like me with PCOS
13) Oh yeah it does my mom was telling me every time she lost weight she got preggo. There is 8 of us so it works.
14) it eliminated all the foods that i can't tolerate, giving me relief from bloating, gas, acid reflux, constipation and diarehea.
15) My blood sugar used to be around 155, now it is 105 with no drugs...also BP is down, I have no tingling in my feet (neuropathy), the pain in my knees is gone, and I have no symptoms of allergies .
16)Much more energy for me, stable blood sugars...hoping to get off the diabetes meds! :)
17)Fat ass disease, cranky ass disease and best off all stop making your husband lie disease when you ask him if these pants make me look fat =)
18) More self esteem and confidence. Feeling sexier. Sadly, it's had no effect on my bp. Still on meds for that.
19) Cured my pre-diabetes, lowered my blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
20) My seizures - gone.
High cholesterol - gone.
Fatty liver - gone.
Endometriosis used to last 10 days/month - now down to 5!
21) Cushing's disease

If you can add to this list, please do in the comment section below.


  1. Truly, having a low carb diet plan and making it into reality is a big thing that would really make you feel great. :)


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