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Monday, May 30, 2011

Why Atkins Diet?

Well, I lose weight very slowly. BUT and it's a big but,
my blood sugar is good now,
my blood pressure is great,
triglycerides are awesome.
In fact all my blood work is so much better,
my doctor told me this just last week.
My A1C went from 8.6 down to 6.1,
which is GREAT for a diabetic like me.
I have cut my insulin dose from 100 units
to 40 units a day.
My hair is not dry and frizzy any longer,
my feet-heel cracks are almost totally gone (healed),
my nails are strong and hard,
my skin is no longer dry and itchy,
it's smooth and sexy.
So for me, it's not just the weight,
but my over all health.
I just wish I had done this 10 years ago.
This diet is used for helping people with all
kinds of health problems like seizures.
I don't look at my weight loss everyday
but look towards this time next year!!
Hope this helps you to decide if this
way of eating (for life) is for you.
My favorite word= commit.
I would say good luck,
but we don't need luck with this, just do it!
P/S the picture is Riley Kate, my grand daughter.
I want to live long enough to see her grow up!

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