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Monday, May 30, 2011

tid bits and biting my tongue about Atkins Diet

Years ago, I would diet on my own, one thing I ate was salmon out of the can with some lemon or vinegar on it. Wonder if it's still as good as I thought it was then? anyone out there eat that?

ok, easy soup: take a can of Chinese vegetables, drain & rinse. add a can or 2 of chicken broth. Heat & eat.

and what is a "stone", when you say you've lost a stone, I think of a kidney stone.

if you use good ground chuck (beef). you will not need to add eggs or anything to your burgers.
and they will not catch on fire like cheap hamburger meat will. the cheap meat has so much fat in it, it drip into the fire and burns and shoots out flames into your grill.

You can not make the cheese crackers on a
plate in the micro wave,
the cheese melts and the plate melts all together...

And by the way, you are "grilling"
NOT BBQing!!
BBQ is pork with sauce!!

and NO, you can not have potato salad on Atkins,
or corn,
or bread
or toast,
READ the book!
know what starchy vegetables are PLEASE!!
You can not eat them,
you can not eat flour or sugar

and NO liquor or beer either!!
Not allowed on Atkins!

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  1. and please don't whine about "only" losing 7 pounds in 2 weeks ... what the heck ... even as much as I have to lose, I recognize that 7 pounds in 2 weeks is AWESOME!!!!


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