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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waffle House Breakfast= low carb

OMGosh, my wonderful hubby, Rick, is off and took me
to eat breakfast at one of my favorite places,
The Waffle House.
I bet yall are all laughing now,
I'm a cheap date!!
I always order the same thing, their Fiesta Omelet.
It's 2 whipped eggs with a little ham, onion, jalapenos, and cheese inside.
And it's always cooked to perfection.
I told them no toast.

That omelet is awesome.
I ask our server if they add pancake batter to the eggs?
She was surprised that I ask and said "NO way".
But then she asked the cook for reassurance. He said no also.
I didn't think they did, but I had heard that IHOP does
(add pancake batter) to their eggs.
And I sure didn't want that! Lots of added carbs there at IHOP.
I don't eat out a lot, I'd rather eat at home, I like my cooking
and I know what's in it! But you sure can't be too careful these days.
If you are eating out, ask about the ingredients always.
Most restaurants have a menu with their Nutrition Facts now.
It should have the carbs, sugars, fiber and calories listed
in it along with lots of other information too.
Don't be afraid to ask.
Hope you all have a great day, don't cheat!
Really no need to cheat.....

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