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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cheese Crackers

These are the easiest little goodies to make!
I use parchment paper, Mexican Taco grated cheese
(you use what ever grated cheese you like),
plus some flax seed meal.
I put a pinch, and I mean pinch the cheese between your finger and your thumb, drop it onto the paper, do about 5-6 little piles.
then pinch a little flax seed meal, and drop it on top.
Put your parchment paper in the microwave. I cook mine on high about 35 seconds.
They will melt and sizzle. Don't let them get too brown, but just start to brown. Watch them till you figure out your micowave time.
After these cool a minute, they get crisp!!
You will want to make them again and again, they are just too good!!!

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