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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What else do you have to do?

You can eat anything you want, you just have to know what to want!!
I love Atkins because you can eat almost anything you want.
Sausage or bacon and eggs for breakfast, with cheese too!
Lunch tuna salad in lettuce wrap, BLT on "fried cheese bread"!!
Dinner: steak, hamburgers, veggies, salad with dressing. What's not to like?? Anyone can do it, right?
But here I am asking: "What are you doing about your weight?"
My dad used to ask me that. I'd go visit them in Florida and have the best weekend visit.
Then as I was packing my car to come home, he would always ask me that dreaded question: What are you doing about your weight? Well, at the time, it hurt my feelings and really ruined my whole visit. It just made me want to eat more to cover up the guilt and shame and all those bad feelings we feel about ourselves. But really, what keeps us from taking the one big step to lose weight? Why is it so hard to do??? It's not the losing really, that's the easy part. But the "making up our mind to do it part". I've had a weight problem most of my life. But looking back, when I was in my 20's & 30"s and weighed 155, I thought I was fat. I'd give anything to weight that now. But my real question is: If I thought I was fat at 155 pounds, why, oh why, did I just keep on getting bigger? What takes us so long to make up our mind and get our heads around it. I've been in denial most of my life about this. But not any more.

I did Atkins years ago, when we couldn't eat much of anything but meat, eggs and water. I've done Weight Watchers, who hasn't? I've done the Belly Fat Cure diet. Which I thought worked well, except, I craved carbs on it. So I have come to the conclusion, that, I can't eat carbs like other people can. Now I have my head straight and I'm finally doing it. But I like to keep it simple, follow the rules in the Atkins Bible. Don't try to wiggle out of the right way to do this.
Read, study, learn this because this is your life
and you are worth it.
Love and kisses to all my buddies who read this and just let me rant on and on. Hope it has helped someone, it did me, just to get it out and off my chest. I have a long journey ahead of me, but hey, what else do I have to do???


  1. I know exactly what you mean, Joan!

  2. Ranting is allowed on this quest! It is how we keep our sanity and acknowledge our inner fat girls! :) I am so proud of you and know that you can do it!

  3. I started Atkins 8 days ago. I am still trying to understand it all but I feel so much better already. I have a lot to lose so I understand what you mean.


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