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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Breakfast is important!

Hi yall.
I've been asked lots of times, what's for breakfast?
Here's what we had this morning;
it counted as 1 serving of carb, the toast, everything else was "free".
0/1 breakfast

1 piece of Ezekiel bread toast with butter and preserves.
(any whole grain bread is good)
The jam is Wal-Marts brand sugar free blackberry preserves 0/5 grams of carb
(remember, that's not a whole serving of carb, but 5 grams, so I don't have to count it),
it's very good. also the serving size is 1 tablespoon, and I only ate 1/2 that.
2 scrambled eggs with seasoning salt and a little grated cheese.
3 pieces of low salt Kroger brand bacon.
Cup of coffee with cream and a TALL glass of orange juice.
The orange juice is like Crystal Light, but wally worlds brand sugar free drink mix,
found where the kool aid is found.0/0 they have this in apple, grape, orange, tea, lemonade, you name it, they got it and it's all good (except the raspberry, didn't like it at all).
1 package of this has 6 tubs inside, each tub makes 2 quarts of juice.
So one package will make you 12 quarts of juice!! for about $1.98 I believe,
now that's a deal, and it's fast, cheap and sugar free.
Well, reading this label more closely, it does have 5 calories per serving, but we don't care bout that.
I drink this stuff all day long, I have 3 flavors mixed in my fridge at all times.
I'm so exciting...aren't I????!!!!

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