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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

diabetes and me YUCK!!!

I walked again on my treadmill, getting easier. Yea!!!!!

I'm diabetic and am taking pills and more pills and a shot of insulin every day.
I could NOT get my blood sugar under control because I was in the "mind set" that if I was taking shots and pills, that I could eat anything I wanted..... so stupid..... denial really.
I was taking 50 units of insulin a day, but it was not helping me so my doctor told me to go up till my blood sugar was 100 in the mornings. Well,
I was up to 100 units of insulin...still high blood sugar readings.....
but was still eating the wrong foods!!!!!!
so I was just ignoring it, quit taking my blood sugar readings for months at a time....
Bought a bread machine, OMG what was I thinking? I made bread and ate bread for about a month and sent my sweet niece, Beth, an email about it. She emailed me back that they were not eating a lot of white flour, but the bread looked good. I asked her about what they were eating and she told me all about the Belly Fat Cure diet! That was about April 1,2010.
Well, by April 3rd we had started the diet, without the Belly Fat Cure book, but it was ordered and coming from Amazon!! I got the diet off Jorge's Website.
Now I'm still taking pills and shots, but I'm so much better. My A1C test 3 months ago was 8.6, I believe, and 4 weeks ago it was 7.5, plus I had lost about 15 pounds when I saw her last.
My doctor was so happy.
She (Dr. Hall) said she was going to buy several of the books and place in her waiting room for patients! Now that is a great endorsement!!!
My blood sugar is better now, my weight is down 25 pounds, I feel better, got a treadmill and am trying to walk.
Yall may not know this but I walk with a cane. I have spinal stinosis, slipped disc and ruptured disc. So it's been quite a big step literally to get on the treadmill and walk!!
I love the diet and I KNOW we can all do this together, so thank you for joining me.
hugs from me to you,


  1. Thank you for sharing this Joanie. Your example sure is giving me some incentive to live healthier. I am intimidated by counting all the sugars and carbs. I like to cook most of my food so not sure how to count peas and okra or boiled peanuts.... You said 15 grams of sugar a DAY! I don't eat sugar but my yogurt has 18 grams of sugar so that will have to go as soon as I eat it all.

  2. I know, yogurt has lots of "hidden sugars".
    All these "healthy" foods are really bad for us! We have to do the research ourselves and NOT believe all the ads on TV!!!! We can't be so trusting any more, they all lie to sell their products!!!!

  3. If you think Yogurt is bad, look at the label on milk, even 2% !!! it will make you sick, but compare it to half&half, unbelievable!!

  4. Jorge is coming out with a carb/sugar counter book in August, it will have over 6000 items in it with the S/C. I have already pre-ordered it from Amazon. I may help you with peas and boiled peanuts and such. I'm sure you can have them, but it's the portion control I have trouble with. Boiled peanuts, I can eat 2 quarts of those in one sitting!! probably 3000 carbs!!


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