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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Explain the Belly Fat Cure diet

Good morning !
My weight is the same today as yesterday and the day before.
I think I ate way too much yesterday. I made the celery/vinegar and ate 1/2 ton of that and I got into a couple of bags of pork rinds too, both the celery and pork rinds are 0/0 , no sugars and no carbs...but if you eat 1/2 ton of each, you will not loose weight, right?? My head is still into "over eating"....
I'm a compulsive eater.....
what to do about that?
I guess I think as long as I eat the right stuff (0/0) that I can eat as much as I can shove in my mouth! not so....I still have a lot to learn!!!

I think I need to explain what the diet is all about.
You have got to learn how to read the "Nutrition Facts" on the labels of food.
Look on the side of the bottle or package and read it....
the only thing you have to pay attention to on this diet is the sugar and
the carbohydrates (I call carbs).
Here's how the S/C value system works:
the S is for sugars
When counting the sugar, anything under .5 is not counted.
You can have up to 15 grams of sugar a day.
I try to allow myself 5 or less at each meal.
Next is the C for your carbohydrates .
It's a little more confusing counting can have 6 servings of carbs a day.
Each serving is up to 20 grams of a carb.
5 to 20 grams is 1 serving
21 to 40 grams is 2 servings
41-60 grams is 3 servings
Anything under 5 grams is not counted.
It's very important to count your carbs and be exact!!
For example, if you eat something that has 21 carbohydrate grams, you can NOT count it as 1 carb serving.. it's "2" carbs servings.
That's the way it is, do not argue this point, you can not play with the numbers.
I tried, it does not work.
I'm taking this straight from the book and injecting my own findings from experience.
so the S/C is your sugars/carbs counts for the day.
15 grams of sugar/6 servings of carbs a day (each carbs being up to 20 grams).
So what you will see is 15/6 for your days worth of sugars and do this diet the correct way, that's how you count it.....
I think that's enough to digest at the moment.
Read and reread this so you will get it right.
At first you may get the grams and carb counts mixed up,
so learn this.
It's what this diet is all about.

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