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Monday, June 14, 2010

rant bla bla bla.....

This is not easy.
you have got to do the work, the planning and the cooking or else you will be right back to your old habits as soon as you reach your goal. We all have to learn new habits.
I know that and you know this!! Or we will regain all this weight and I'm not going to do that this time!!!

Also, I want to warn all of us about something, when we do
good by not eating the cookies and cup cakes. Watch out,
don't celebrate because you did good.
I'm speaking from 16 years of sobriety with AA. I'm still a "recovering alcoholic" cause I could easily go back JUST TO CELEBRATE SOMETHING.
If you did so good today, great, get up and do it again tomorrow
we all need to be that good every day!!!
I'll probably wish I had not shared all this...
but we really need to watch everything we do and not get comfortable
or we will slip back to the old habits!!
We have to be
vigilant, we have a sickness... I believe.
I'm speaking from my own experiences, but I know I'm obsessive compulsive.
I have lost weight before and gained it back plus more so many's just stupid!!
Why am I so hard headed???Why is it so hard to really wrap your head around a good diet and live with it????
Well this is it this time. I have a great partner in Rick, he is so much fun to diet with.
He counts out his 27 cheese-its at night...He's such a good sport and has lost 22 pounds now.
He has this old pair of jeans he keep dragging out of his closet.
At first, they would not go over his hips/butt. then he could get them all the way up but not together.
well now he can close them, and button the button, but he can't breathe!!!


  1. You are right Joan, we are junk food junkies. Its nice to have the support of others through this time. Nice going Rick. :-)

  2. Joanie, I am so proud of you! You are not alone. We all have issues we are dealing with... You are tackling yours head on. I think of this blog is your daily journal and will be good for you and US!


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