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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spread the Word! Help someone else....

My best friend in the world has now joined me on my quest to get this weight off. It's been hard to get her...I tried not to push her too much.. she has decided to get her head right with this belly fat cure diet. She's been on 3 days and has lost 3 pounds!!
She has made me so happy. We have been friends for almost 40 years and "eating buddies" most of that time!! It's so good to do this with my hubby and my friend, but the best is with many friends on here and Face Book. Thank you, Niece Beth for getting me into this. Thank you, Jorge Cruise BFC diet, Atkins diet, and Rosalie for your blog!! And thank you for my beautiful cousin, Nancy, who told me to do this blog, and all my diet buds!! It's so much easier to do this together. We CAN do this!!! Don't cheat if you can help it, but if you do, get right back on the diet!! Love to you all. Tell everyone you know what you are doing to get healthy, they may want to join you too!!

1 comment:

  1. Annette lost 7 pounds her first week on the BFC diet!!!!!!!


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Fat Head the movie
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