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Friday, June 18, 2010

great ideas off Atkins post

Very happy finally lost a pound after a frustrating week and this is what I ate yesterday and I lost: For breakfast I had two eggs with white cheddar cheese and four slices of bacon (no carbs at all), for lunch I had tuna fish with mayo and laughing cow cheese mixed together and aspargus with a few black olives and then I had an Atkins bar for a snack in the afternoon and for dinner I had Talapia and Spinach with parmesan cheese and butter and some gourmet camembert cheese for a snack before dinner. Great day of yummy food and still lost weight and very happy, except had bad headache from lack of soda but that will change.

The headache is from losing too much sodium through water loss. You should have some chicken broth ready, a magnesium tablet, (D-3 Magnesium, calcium, zinc) and be sure to drink lots of water.

I just cooked myself a cup of finely chopped cabbage + 1 green capsicum + 1 yellow bell pepper + a few small spring onions sauted in 1.5 tbsp canola oil and twp pureed tomatoes with 1 egg... and sprinkled some salt and oregano on it...I could barely manage to finish half of it...amazing how my appetite has come down ...its own...what I need to know is, how many net carbs would there be in something like this?
The easiest way to track your foods and the carbs with them is to go get a free account at In your account settings, be sure to check that you want to track NET carbs. Then, every time you eat, list each item you use and it will track the carbs for you. Its a great tool! :)

I learned the benefit of planning my meals through a program that helped me keep my house clean and un-cluttered! It's called FLYing, at and has really, REALLY helped me in so many ways! Now, my house is always no more than 5 minutes away from being company ready! She teaches about meal planning as well, so that when you go to the store... See More, you know exactly what you plan to eat that week, and only buy those items when you shop! :) I have taken those principles and applied them to my Atkins shopping and meal planning and it has worked like a dream!

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