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Monday, June 28, 2010

grocery list-KEEP IT SIMPLE

Bought some groceries today:

Sliced cheese & grated cheese
worstershire sauce
3 dozen eggs
cucumbers & onions
pork rinds X 4
sour cream
2 pounds bacon
ground chuck (4 big packs)
5 rib-eye steak
lemon juice
sugar free jello pudding cups
salad dressing
dill pickles
Sugar free drink mixes: tea, orange & apple

This should do us for a while.
Last night while watching a movie, I had a sweet tooth attack!
Got 3 little scoops of Sugar Free Cool Whip in a bowl and poured
a couple of spoons of sugar free apple juice mix drink over it.
It was so good!! It did the trick.
If this diet is too hard for you to follow, you just really don't want to lose weight.
It's easy and so good!
Tonight's dinner:
big burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato and vidalia onioin!
Bun, mayo, mustard .
Or a steak and salad... whatever Rick wants most.

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