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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stopped up!! grocery store/wally world

I ended up walking on the tread mill 2 times yesterday, yea me!! Just 5 minutes each time....
It's getting easier, thank goodness. I have a stationary bike too ( has low miles on it), bought 2 years ago, but because of my back problems, it just kills me, so the treadmill is much better for my body right now.
I'm wondering if everyone on this BFC diet is having bathroom/irregularity problems like me.
I have tried to cut back more on my carbs (whole grain breads mostly).
By just eating 3-4 carbs a day, I thought it may help me lose weight faster/better.
But I believe that carbs are the only fiber we get. So we need to eat good ones, don't waste your carbs on anything that's not gonna help with a bathroom trip! We need fiber bad and water. I tried the flax seed meal, mixed 2 tablespoons in juice 2-3 times a day. It did not help either, stool softeners don't help. But some of my problem is Lortab, I take for pain 2 times a day. That is known to stop you up severely!
I just got home from wally world,
got about 2 weeks worth of goodies!
Big salad tonight with feta cheese and leaf lettuce, tomato, vidalia onions!
and maybe some "chicken fries", 7 is 1 carb, I bake them, it's Tyson brand,
don't know if I told you bout those.

Sure wish someone would at least look at our house,
I'm beginning to get worried...... really want to sell it!
And it looks so good now, grass looks great from all the rain!
Everything is slow right now....
we sell on eBay and not much is moving there either.
Pray for better days ahead.....and the folks on the coast and those beautiful wetlands, Lord save them.


  1. Hi Joan, I found your blog. Since the time I started the BFC, over 4 1/2 months ago, I have read that allot of people have a constipation problem. You are not alone. This is what I do: I put clear metamucil in my coffee in the morning, and between lunch and dinner I have this stuff I mix w/water. It's called Super Seed made be Garden of Life. 1 scoop w/water. 0 sugar and low carbs, 6 fiber and tastes much better than that nasty psyllium. How long have u been doing it and how much have u lost so far??

  2. since April 3rd, down 25 pounds. thank you so much for this advice, I'll try it. anything has got to help!!!

  3. That is so awesome Joan, you are doing
    great :-)
    Friend me on facebook and we can chat.

  4. It sounds like you need to start counting fiber as well. I am watching a program that says if you eat 35 grams of fiber a day, you can eat anything you want!

  5. Nancy, I just found you comment. That is so interesting!! I'll have to start counting that too now!!! Thank you, Cuz!


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