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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Think Small low carb diet

I have got to start "thinking small", smaller servings means a smaller me!!!! And Smaller amounts to cook, means smaller grocery bills!! Why do I cook enough for an army every night?? So I can eat it... I've got to learn to think smaller!!!
I hate to waste food too, so I tend to eat more so I don't throw it away.
Do you do that too? I think it's just what we get used to doing. These old habits are hard to break. But we need to just keep on plugging away, learning new recipes and finding new friends who want to
get smaller with us. Most of my friends wear the plus sizes like me... we all need to get on this diet and stay on it, it's healthy and I feel so much better.
BUT I'm still over eating, but it's the "right foods" now. If I eat the right foods and the
smaller amounts too, I'd be little now!! Portion control, that's the ticket!!
Need to use
smaller plates at the table, smaller pots to cook in...all this will mean a much smaller me one day. And a smaller you too!! now think about that a while.
I love all of my dieting buddies!! Keep in touch with me, It keeps me motivated for sure. Rick is walking on our treadmill now, he's lost 25 pounds !!! Yea Ricky!!

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  1. I know what you mean. I used to eat allot compared to now. I had to learn to eat smaller portions. Now it is the normal. you will learn to get full faster, but you have to stop when you feel that full feeling. :-)


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