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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Help someone do Low Carb Diet

Just walked on my tread mill. So happy that I'm able to do that!
Constipation, with the diet, it can be really bad!!
Here's what I'm using now:
Benefiber, great stuff!! even taste very good.... the citrus punch flavor.
Plus I take 2 of these a day: Probiotic formula Acidophilus.

Jorge Cruise recommends taking 2 a day, in the Belly Fat Cure diet book.
I found it at Wal-Mart in with the vitamins and health food stuff, $5.00 for 30 tablets.
Hope this will help.
I'm still at a stand still with the weight loss (31 pounds is nothing to sneeze at!),
but that's OK,
cause I know the weight is going to come off one day,
I'm NOT gaining!!
I'm so much healthier, and feel so much better on this diet.
My diabetes meds are cut in half too!!
So just hang in there, stay focused on your food intake!!
Try to exercise if you are able to.
Try to help someone else who needs our support.
It doesn't take much, just show someone what you are doing, tell them how good you feel, look beyond me me me.....Thanks for listening to me today.
I love you all. I need you on this trip!!!
If you get bored, clean out a kitchen drawer, or a closet. That's a great way to feel better, you'd be amazed. I'm giving away food.
I keep going into my pantry and freezer seeing things I can't eat, like blueberry pancake mix and frozen pizza...give it away. I have the sweetest neighbor across the street, has 2 small kids, she loves to get free food!!!

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