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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tread mill Trade

I walked on my treadmill 5 minutes again today.
I hope I can build up to 10 or more minutes soon.
But right now 5 kicks my butt.
Did I tell yall how I got this tread mill?
I traded for it on Craigs list!
My mama needed a new bedroom set, so I was trying to sell hers on Craigs list,
no takers tho.
So I looked on the list where folks "Want" something,
there it was.... a trade... a treadmill for a bedroom set!!
They came and got it Sunday morning.
We were all happy campers.
Now Mom gets a new set too!

I'm hooked on a TV show called "One Big Happy Family".
It's on tonight on the TLC channel at 9:00PM. It is so cute, I love it.
One Big Happy Family - Amber and Tameka's Dance Class New
The kids' weight-loss efforts have hit a plateau, so Norris and Tameka try to motivate them to exercise more.

It's a man, wife and 2 teenagers, all weighing over 350 each.
They are trying to loose weight on this reality show, OMG!!!
I just love them, the boy cheats and eats ice cream Sundays!!!
If you're gonna cheat, do it right, I say!

It's time to cook, past time really!!
I may have hamburger patties on the George Foreman grill and some squash,
maybe a salad too with feta cheese yummy...
I wasn't hungry, but now, that sounds good.
I have been munching on my pickled celery all day.
Hugs to all,

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