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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mondays are great!!

Yea Mondays! We all need to Get Back on track NOW!!
Don't let this chance get away from you.
Another great starting point for us all.
I have been at a stand still for about 2 weeks.
Fluctuating 2-3 pounds... 2 pounds up then 2 down then up again. poor me...
Really frustrating because I have not cheated at all.
I may have pushed it to the edge a few times but never once
ate something that I shouldn't have eaten.
I drink too many diet sodas, and I'm trying to change that.
But I have had some really bad constipation issues that may play a role
in this up and down see-saw party my body is having.
I take Lortab for the back pain I have, 1-2 half pills a day,
and that will really bring a halt to your bathroom trips fast!!
Yall may not have this problem, and may not want to hear about it.
But I've been trying to drink more water ( I don't do this enough).
I've eaten 3 MIMs over the weekend, which is almost all fiber.
Been walking on my treadmill.
I take stool softeners every other day.
Nothing has helped for 3 days.... I was really blocked and miserable.
Felt bloated and very full all the time.
So last night, after talking it over with my sweet hubby, Rick, about this.
(We talk about everything....and he's on the diet with me.)
We decided I needed to take an Exlax pill, nothing else would work.
It worked!!! yes yes yes..
So now I have now passed another miles stone, down 2 more pounds.
Total loss now is 30 pounds, started April 3, 2010.
I don't advise this step just to lose weight,
but sometimes we all need some help!
Yall comment below and let me hear from you about this.
Hello....Is any body out there?????


  1. Joan you are doing so great. The constipation thing is something I have found at least half the people have who are on the BFC. Watch the sodas though. I haven't had any any more because of the aspertime in it, (I know I spelled that wrong). That and sucralose is bad for you. 30 lbs is awesome!! :-)

  2. thank you Rosalie! I have not had a soda today at all. trying to cut back.I have trouble with just water tho. so I drink wal-mart brand sugar free juice mix, like Crystal Light.

  3. I know the feeling, unfortunately. I had a MIM yesterday and today and am still constipated! I figure that I'd be a few pounds lighter if I didn't have this problem.

    Congrats Joan! 30 pounds is awesome!

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